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22 mai 2013 3 22 /05 /mai /2013 14:20


Did you know ? Solaris 11 is capable of doing a fast reboot, skipping the power-on style self tests (POST) that have traditionally accompanied a reboot. Finished the coffee break !?


On x86 machines, this will automatically happen if you use the reboot command (or init 6). To force a full test cycle, and/or to get access to the boot order menu from the BIOS, you can use halt, followed by pressing a key.

On SPARC, the default configuration requires that you use reboot -f for a fast reboot. If you wish fast reboot to be the default, you must change an SMF property fastreboot, as follows:

# svccfg -s system/boot-config:default 'setprop config/fastreboot_default=true'
# svcadm refresh svc:/system/boot-config:default

To temporarily override the setting and reboot the slow way, you can use reboot -p, aka "reboot to PROM".



It is necessary to find a new excuse for your coffee break !!

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