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I already wrote an similar article to Solaris 11 and Zones (link). Today I will describe how to configure several Ldoms Guest an emphasis on network configuration (several vlan).



In this example, there are 3 Ldoms running on dedicated systems that are exposed to the external networks.

  • The Ldom control runs in 4 vlan (front, admin, backup, interconnect) - OS Solaris 11.1
  • Ldom Guest 1 runs in 4 vlan (front, admin, backup, interconnect) - OS Solaris 10u11
  • Ldom Guest 2 runs in 3 vlan (front, admin, backup) - OS Solaris 10u10


Vlans informations:

  • Vlan id 1 : address - front
  • Vlan id 2 : address - admin
  • Vlan id 3 : address - backup
  • Vlan id 4 : address - interconnect

Address for Ldom control

  • Vlan id 1 : - defaultrouter
  • Vlan id 2 :
  • Vlan id 3 :
  • Vlan id 4 :


Let's go... Just wait... The network configuration of switch must be already configured (please contact network team !?)



Step 1: Create link aggregation and vlan configuration on Ldom control


My system (Sparc T4-2) includes 2 NICs (10G). There is no network configuration yet (I connect on ILOM).


# dladm show-phys
net8       Ethernet      unknown    0      unknown   ixgbe1
net9       Ethernet      unknown    0      unknown   ixgbe0


I create a basic link aggregation (I use LACP) with 2 NICs.


# dladm create-aggr -P L2,L3 -L active -l net8 -l net9 aggr0


I check quicly the status of the aggregation.


# dladm show-link
net8       phys      1500   up       --
net9       phys      1500   up       --
aggr0      aggr      1500   up       net8 net9


# dladm show-aggr -x
aggr0    --  10000Mb  full    up     90:xx:xx:xx:xx:x8  --
       net8  10000Mb  full    up     90:xx:xx:xx:xx:x8  attached
       net9  10000Mb  full    up     90:xx:xx:xx:xx:x9  attached


Yet, I create 1 virtual card for each vlan id.


# dladm create-vlan -l aggr0 -v 1 front0
# dladm create-vlan -l aggr0 -v 2 admin0
# dladm create-vlan -l aggr0 -v 3 backup0
# dladm create-vlan -l aggr0 -v 4 interco0 


# dladm show-vlan
LINK          VID   OVER      FLAGS
front0        1     aggr0     -----
admin0        2     aggr0     -----
backup0       3     aggr0     -----
interco0      4     aggr0     -----


# ipadm create-ip front0
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a local= front0/v4
# ipadm create-ip admin0
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a local= admin0/v4
# ipadm create-ip backup0
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a local= backup0/v4
# ipadm create-ip interco0
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a local= interco0/v4 


# ipadm
admin0         ip         ok     --     --
   admin0/v4   static     ok     --
backup0        ip         ok     --     --
   backup0/v4  static     ok     --
front0         ip         ok     --     --
   front0/v4   static     ok     --
inter0         ip         ok     --     --
   inter0/v4   static     ok     --
lo0            loopback   ok     --     --
   lo0/v4      static     ok     --
   lo0/v6      static     ok     --     ::1/128


Don't forget, the configuration of router.


# route add -p default -ifp front0



Step 2: Create link virtual switch and configuration vnic for each Ldoms Guest


I create one virtual switch for all vlan


# ldm add-vswitch net-dev=aggr0 vid=1,2,3 primary-vsw0 primary


For Ldom Guest 1, I create 4 vnic (see definition)


# ldm add-vnet pvid=1 id=0 vnet0 primary-vsw ldom1
# ldm add-vnet pvid=2 id=0 vnet1 primary-vsw ldom1
# ldm add-vnet pvid=3 id=0 vnet2 primary-vsw ldom1
# ldm add-vnet pvid=4 id=0 vnet3 primary-vsw ldom1


For Ldom Guest 2, I create 3 vnic (see definition)

# ldm add-vnet pvid=1 id=0 vnet0 primary-vsw ldom2
# ldm add-vnet pvid=2 id=0 vnet1 primary-vsw ldom2
# ldm add-vnet pvid=3 id=0 vnet2 primary-vsw ldom2



Conclusion: We hope this step-by-step guide will give you some ideas for future consolidation with Oracle VM for Sparc. With Oracle Solaris 11 capabilities (aka Crossbow), you can easily set up fairly complex environments (simply network configuration).



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